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Discover AHOP (Aruba Happy One Pass), your passport to a seamless travel experience. AHOP revolutionizes the way we travel by integrating cutting-edge biometric technology with digital travel credentials, making your journey to and from Aruba as smooth as the island's own serene beaches. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional travel processes and embrace a faster, more secure way to explore the world.

What is AHOP?

AHOP is a pioneering app designed to transform the way travelers experience their journey to Aruba by introducing the concept of a Digital Travel Credential (DTC). Through AHOP, travelers can effortlessly create a DTC, a secure and encrypted digital version of their passport that enhances the travel process from start to finish.

How does it work? 

Once you've created your DTC on AHOP, the app simplifies the next step in your travel preparation by assisting you in filling out your ED-Card. AHOP smartly pre-fills the passport information fields on your ED-Card, reducing manual entry errors and saving you time.

Upon arrival at the Aruba airport, AHOP elevates your entry process. Utilizing advanced biometric technology, the app enables travelers to bypass traditional queues, allowing for a smooth and swift border crossing experience using just their biometrics at the AHOP Immigration FACEPOD booth, insert image booth. It's important to remember, though, that while AHOP significantly streamlines your travel, carrying your physical passport is still required. Immigration officers may request to see your physical passport at any point for verification purposes.

To travel to Aruba, every traveler is still required to have their physical passport with them. An Immigration officer can, at any time during the journey, request to see your physical passport.

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